Fail Fast, Advocate First

A fundamental driver of innovation is the ability to “fail fast” by effectively navigating obstacles and gaining consensus among diverse perspectives. Local government and public sector stakeholders are often critical, and very influential, parts of this process.

The Innovate Raleigh Advocacy task force will explore this process through the lens of successful Triangle entrepreneurs at our annual summit on November 9th. We’ll learn from:

Attendees will engage in stories from the panelists followed by breakout sessions where we will brainstorm how to effectively navigate advocacy issues, including:

  • Home offices and business licensing, including zoning requirements
  • The sharing economy, including AirBnB, Bike sharing, and the use of public spaces
  • Disruptive technologies, such as aerial drones, cryptocurrencies and driverless vehicles
  • The impacts of our rapidly growing population on affordable housing

We will also be discussing issues and topics raised by our attendees. Add your voice below!

Keep posted here for more Summit previews and interviews and get excited for our 6th Annual event on November 9, 2017 at the Raleigh Convention Center.  Register Now!