Navigating and Advocating

by Audri Ordelt, Signal Path, IR Advocacy Task Force


Entrepreneurship and innovation have a tightly bound relationship, one often leading to the other, or vice versa. New ideas and technologies are constantly being introduced, leading to rapid change worldwide. The Triangle is a hotbed of innovative business of all sizes, from SAS and Red Hat to small start-ups in a variety of markets.

But what does this mean, when it comes to navigating regulations, policies and laws? What happens when there aren't policies to regulate a new innovation, or a technology changes the way a market is structured, such as AirBnB or Uber?

Business owners and entrepreneurs are driven to advocate for the change necessary to accommodate their companies and ideas. This could be anything from old-fashioned letter writing, attending city council meetings, to social media campaigns and viral videos. 

The Innovate Raleigh Advocacy task force will be exploring this topic during our annual summit on November 9th. Local entrepreneurs and business owners will present their own experiences advocating for their ideas, and share the lessons they've learned. Attendees will have a chance to ask the panelists questions, and participate in small group breakout brainstorming sessions.

Over the next several weeks, look for spotlight posts on our panelists, highlighting their backgrounds, accomplishments and maybe even a tease on what they will be discussing at the Summit. See you there!

Keep posted here for more Summit previews and interviews and get excited for our 6th Annual event on November 9, 2017 at the Raleigh Convention Center.  Register Now!