Five Questions with Tony Kershaw

by Ryan Portner, Signal Path, IR Education Task Force

Innovation is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “a new idea, method or device”. Around the Triangle, innovation is everywhere. From the highly ranked universities to the more than 400 registered startups, Raleigh-Durham is nationally ranked for the range of innovative contributions our region is making to the world.

In an age of extreme innovation, how do you define it? Does it have to be technology related? On a grand scale? Social media worthy? Have a large impact? To truly consider the definition of innovation, do you have to be considered an entrepreneur to be innovative? Do these two ideas have to be mutually exclusive? Who decides your idea is innovative?

At the 2017 Innovate Raleigh Summit, our session will be centered around defining what each means to you! In our coming blog posts, we will share different perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship. Check out our first perspective from the Education Task Force's fearless leader, Tony Kershaw, Events and Outreach Manager at NC State.

Why did you join Innovate Raleigh?
I joined the IR task force because I've witnessed the life changing impact thinking entrepreneurially has on people's lives. Entrepreneurs and innovators are always credited with "thinking differently" and I think anyone is capable of doing that with coaching and experience.

In school, Innovation or entrepreneurship meant...
In school, innovation or entrepreneurship meant building a software company.

Now that I’m in the workforce, it means...
Now that I’m in the workforce, it means being a disruptive force to "move the needle" in a new direction. You either improve something that already exists or create something to replace it.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by people who go above and beyond to realize their dreams and lift people up along the way. I'm inspired by people who grit their teeth and fight for something greater then themselves.

At my current job, I’m innovative by....
At my current job, I'm innovative by asking questions no one else asks and finding answers to them.

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